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Asphalt Patching

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Asphalt Patching

Due to its durability and cost-effectiveness, asphalt is a common paving material used for parking lots, driveways, and roads. However, asphalt surfaces inevitably develop cracks, potholes, raveling, and other damage from heavy vehicular use, freeze-thaw cycles, sun exposure, ground movement, and normal aging. If left unaddressed, this damage can expand, leading to larger problems such as depressions, uneven surfaces, and complete pavement failure. Properly patching and repairing damaged asphalt is crucial for maintaining safe, smoothly drivable surfaces, preventing further deterioration, and preserving aesthetics and curb appeal. Performing timely asphalt repairs can also be much more cost-effective than complete repaving.

At PavementPro, we specialize in asphalt repair and maintenance in the Oklahoma City area. Our skilled technicians have years of experience assessing asphalt damage and performing high-quality repairs. We use industry-leading techniques and materials to provide long-lasting patches and repairs. Our goal is always to restore your asphalt to a smooth, durable, and attractive condition while providing excellent customer service. You can rely on us for all your asphalt patching needs.

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What Causes Potholes?

Here are some common causes of potholes in asphalt:

Water infiltration - Water seeps into small cracks or pores in the asphalt. As temperatures fluctuate from freezing to thawing, the water expands and contracts, gradually loosening the asphalt.

Poor drainage - Standing water that doesn't properly drain off asphalt can accelerate pothole formation.

Age and wear - Asphalt naturally deteriorates from exposure, use, and aging, making it more prone to cracking.

Weak base layer – The base layer is the foundation that supports the asphalt. If this base was not correctly installed or has water damage, it can cause potholes.  

Excessive vehicle weight – If your driveway or parking lot was not designed to carry large loads, such as dump trucks or trash trucks, the excessive weight of these vehicles can cause damage to the asphalt.

The combination of these factors over time eventually leads to the formation of.

How Can Potholes Be Prevented?

Here are some tips for preventing potholes on asphalt surfaces:

Seal cracks - Seal any small cracks in the asphalt with sealant to prevent water infiltration. Catching cracks early is key.

Improve drainage - Ensure water drains properly off asphalt and doesn't pool. Install or improve drainage systems if needed.

Patch early - Quickly patch any small holes, depressions or cracks to prevent further deterioration.

Maintain pavement - Perform regular sweeping, weeding, debris removal and other maintenance.

Limit heavy loads - Avoid excessive vehicle weights to reduce added stress.

SealcoatingSealcoating every 2-4 years helps fill hairline cracks, adds additional wear surface and slows down oxidation.

Following preventative maintenance, best practices can extend the life of asphalt and avoid hazardous and costly pothole problems.

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How is asphalt patched?

There are four main ways to patch asphalt. Each process has its pros and cons. Additionally, some applications will not work in some cases, depending on the damage to the existing asphalt.

Cold Patch

Cold asphalt patch provides a quick, temporary pothole fix until more permanent repairs can be made. This technique, known as "Throw and Roll," involves filling the pothole with cold mix asphalt and compacting it with a roller or plate compactor. Because of Oklahoma City mild winters, we rarely need to utilize cold patching. However, it can be an effective short-term solution when potholes pose immediate hazards to pedestrians or vehicles. Cold patches rapidly improve surface conditions, allowing time to schedule more durable and long-lasting pothole repairs. Though not a permanent fix, cold asphalt patching has its place for urgently addressing safety concerns caused by severely deteriorated pavement.

Skin Patches

An asphalt skin patch is a repair technique for minor surface damage on asphalt pavements. It is often used to address issues where the top layer of the asphalt has deteriorated, but the base layer is still intact and stable. This method is considered a semi-temporary and cost-effective solution for small areas of distress on the pavement surface until more extensive repairs can be undertaken. Skin patches last longer than a cold patch. However, skin patches are commonly used as a stopgap until major renovations can be done.

Infrared Asphalt Repair

Infrared asphalt repair is a method of blending new asphalt with the existing material to create a seamless repair that is thermally bonded to the surrounding pavement. Infrared repairs are permanent repairs that should last the life of the parking lot or driveway. However, infrared can not be used if there is extensive damage to the base. Infrared asphalt repair is a technique that can be particularly appealing to customers looking to fix asphalt problems with minimal disruption and cost while being environmentally conscious.

Full Depth Reclamation (Cut & Fill)

Cut and fill typically refers to a method that involves removing (cutting) portions of damaged or worn-out asphalt, repairing the base materials and then filling (patching) those areas with new asphalt. Cut and fill asphalt repair is best for areas where the pavement and the base structure have failed significantly and surface treatments or patches are insufficient to address the underlying issues. It provides a long-term repair solution that restores the structural integrity and functionality of the pavement.

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Why Choose PavementPro?

At PavementPro, we want to be your go-to resource for asphalt maintenance and repair in the Oklahoma City area. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and skills to properly assess your damaged asphalt and provide you with reliable patching solutions. Our goal is always to restore your asphalt's safety, function, and appearance while staying within your budget.

Don't wait until small problems turn into major headaches. Minor asphalt damage only expands over time if left unaddressed. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your asphalt surfaces. We'll provide straightforward recommendations and options to keep your parking lots, driveways, and other asphalt areas in excellent condition.

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